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'Empress of the Hiwassee

 -was a title given to me as a

little jab as I paddled the  

Hiwassee River in Appalachia on

a beautiful sunny day.

I tend to see castles instead of shacks. I have my dreams of creating things of beauty as an artist with so many tools. What appears to be trash to some will be my treasure.


I find vintage and antique artifacts like discarded Scout bags, haversacks, grain

sacks, tapestries, barkcloth, military canvas, vintage and antique frocks. Then, I make them into wearable art like rustic bags, summer cottage hats, etc.

I've been sewing since a little girl, and worked in alteration shops and factories. I took things apart to learn about construction.


The distressed effects are real

and/or intentional because they give an air of history. 

I hope you like my art.


"Be silly, be honest, be kind"- Emerson
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